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J-Wadel School Model FX (An Advanced School Management Information System)
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Introducing J-Wadel School Model FX 2012

Get ready to catapult your school to the zenith of
ICT compliance at its sophistication and simplicity

School Model FX 2012 is a sophisticated Studentsí Academic Records Manager. It is a software that is zeroed in on enabling your Academic Institution to optimally harness Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the realization of its functions. It adopts the latest technologies to give you a satisfactory user experience and generate highly classical and intriguing report sheets.

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Students' Records

Studentsí records management has never been this flexible. Create tables and define
data fields/columns to keep various information of students. Create queries to retrieve
information from two or more tables. Mouse-over each studentís record and the studentís
picture automatically scrolls to view.

Students' Records: learn more

Workers' Records

The flexibility unveiled in Studentsí records management is also unveiled here. In addition,
you can update each workerís payment slip by adding income and deduction items for salary
vouchers auto-generation.

Workers' Records: learn more

Scores Entry

Enter each studentís scores in all examination types (assignments, continuous assessment
tests, end of term examinations and etcetera), grades in "character development", "practical
skills" and comments. Alternatively, export score-entry template in Microsoft Excel Workbook
format and save it on disk to work offline. Afterwards, import it back to School Model.

Scores Entry: learn more

Report Configuration

Take charge of your studentsí academic performance reports. Design your report sheet
templates the way your report sheets look. School Model Reporting System is dynamic and
highly flexible hence you can tailor your report sheet to suit your requirements at no
additional cost.

Report Configuration: learn more

Report Sheets

School Model is well applauded for the quality reports it generates based on your preset
configurations. Resize your report sheet margins and columns simply by dragging the edges.
Use the horizontal and vertical rulers to adjust your report to fit into your colorful
letterhead paper. Notify parents of child's result via SMS and e-Mail.

Report Sheets: learn more

School Fees Payments

Payments made by students can be monitored by generating school fees payment reports.
School Model enables you to pass a variety of queries to the schoolís database in order to
generate the exact paymentsí report you want. You can also notify parents of their child's
school fees statement/bill and balance via SMS and e-Mail.

School Fees Payments: learn more

School's Intranet

Besides SMS and e-Mail, School Model comes with an Intranet Portal that allows authorized
users (students/workers) to communicate via Private Messaging, Chat Room and Discussion
Forum. Students' and workers' information can be accessed through it and so are birthday
celebrants of the day, students' population, news of the day and school's events calendar.

School's Intranet: learn more
Automated School Fees Payment Instant Receipts/Bills Generation
Adopt latest technologies to effectively manage Fees Collection and Receipt Printing.

Our Thermal Printers do NOT use ink/toners. They use cost-effective Slim Glossary Paper rolls and thermal technology to produce quality print-out that cannot be erased by water.

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